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You're about to be entertained by one of the most engaging slot game plotlines in history. Let us tell you about Black Widow…

Black Widow

Now, you may have already heard the name 'Black Widow' in regards to spiders. But don't worry – there are no creepy crawlies here.

This Black Widow is a femme fatale – an empowered woman who kills off her husbands one by one … kind of like a modern day Henry VIII … only female.

In Black Widow slots, you get to trigger each one of her murders. And you get to enjoy a bonus round like no other while you're at it.

That's the objective – to kill her husbands.

Beyond the magnetic (and slightly unsettling) storyline, you're treated to high quality animations, Stacked symbols, Wild symbols, bonus symbols and a board loaded with 40 fixed ways to win.

Black Widow Slots Features

As soon as you're thrust into the Black Widow's world, you'll immediately sense that it's a dark, dark place. We'll get into those atmospheric visuals a little further down this page. Right now, it's time to focus on the juicy gaming elements …

Husband Symbols

There are three husbands in this slot game. And you're aiming to kill them all.

In the bonus round, any time you land a husband in the centre, he dies. And you'll see his murder be carried out onscreen … with some 'lovely' sound effects.

Stacked Symbols

These are now present in many new slot games on Kerching and always amplify the thrill factor. So, if the Widow's murderous ways aren't getting your heart pounding – the added excitement from the Stacked symbols certainly will.

In fact, Black Widow takes this gaming feature up a level by using Super Stacked symbols.

Each of the three husbands are 'stacked' – meaning you can end up with lots of the same gentleman on your screen at the same time, all stacked together. This increases your chances of matching corresponding symbols on the paylines and triggering a win.

Wild Symbols

In many slot games online, the Wild symbol is like a Joker in a deck of cards – it can represent any symbol on the board that you need it to.

So if you have four husbands on a payline and you need the fifth, but in his place is a Wild symbol – then the Wild will act as the fifth husband for you … and you'll still get the win.

With the Wild symbols present, you've always got a better chance.

Bonus Symbols

When you see nine poison vials across the three central reels, you are going to enter the bonus round. See, poison is one of the weapons of choice for our Black Widow. Let's just say she’s not the nicest character you'll find on Kerching. But she does know how to host a fresh kind of bonus round …

Black Widow Slots Bonus Round

Okay, earlier we said this bonus round was 'fresh' and 'like no other'. And we stand by that. But we must warn you that in order to truly get the most out of the Black Widow slots bonus, you need to understand how it works.

It all starts with those nine poison vials on the middle three reels we mentioned before. They are what will trigger your bonus round. You will be presented with an unnerving animation when this happens, showing the hallway of the Widow's home, and a chalk outline of one of her victims. Once you're in the bonus round, the onscreen display will change.

You will see a picture frame surrounding the central icon on the board. Remember the picture frame – it's the most important spot in the bonus round. And you will also see three boxes at the top of the screen, each containing a husband and a number.

The number for each husband will be set to double your total bet, which got you into the bonus round. So if you'd bet 40p per spin, each husband's box would display the number '80' at the beginning of the bonus round. Now your free spins will begin. The first time a husband is featured in the picture frame spot, you will win an instant prize of whatever amount is displayed in his box at the top of the screen (at that particular time).

Your total bet will then be added to that box. The next time he lands in the picture frame, you'll receive another instant prize of what is now displayed in his box – and his box amount will then increase by 2 x your line bet. The multiplier of your line bet goes up each time the same husband appears in the photo frame.

Every time the Black Widow character is featured in the picture frame spot, she tops up all three of the husband boxes at the same time, as if they had all featured in the picture frame spot individually.

So for example, if you have already landed the blue husband in the picture frame twice – then the Black Widow would represent his third appearance here; you'd receive an instant prize of whatever is displayed in his box at the time, then his box amount would increase by 3x his line bet.

At the same time, if you had only featured the green husband in the picture frame once by that point, then you'd receive his instant box prize, and his box amount would increase by 2x his line bet. If you've still not quite got it, then why not play the free money version first?

Black Widow Slots Theme

Like we said, the theme is pretty dark … But if you're a fan of crime thrillers, horror movies or anything like that at all – we don't judge. And to be honest, we're big fans of the chilling stuff too. Black Widow holds nothing back and puts you right in the middle of a harrowing story about a serial husband murderer.

The best part about this game (or worst part depending on how you look at it) is that not only do you get immersed in the tale, you pretty much become the Black Widow yourself, as you look to kill off the husbands – because it's they who trigger the best prizes. They have the money. And she (or you) want to take it from them at all costs. It's a fun twist on slots gaming that we're very excited to bring to you.

The title has long been a favourite in land-based casinos all over the world. Now it's time for you to join the killer amongst IGT's most popular creations.

Play Black Widow Slot Game at Kerching

If you're feeling brave enough to come face to face with the Black Widow herself, and join her in what is an edgy journey to say the least – then we couldn't be more thrilled to have you here. Time to stop reading and start enjoying the dark side of casino slots gaming. To get started and don't forget you can trial the game for play money first.

Gameplay Features:

Paylines 1-30

RTP 94.93%

Min Bet 1

Max Bet £900

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Up to £500 Welcome Offer

Bonus Spins

First 3 deposits only, Min deposit £10, Max total bonus £500 & 200 spins, Promo code on 1st deposit: KER1ST, Spin value varies, 30x wagering (dep + bonus), 30x on spins, 5x conversion, selected slots only, full T&Cs apply. IGT, All Rights Reserved. Terms & Conditions

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Up to £500 Welcome Offer

Full T&Cs Apply