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Malcolm And Lucky’s Talk About Online Slot Machines Jackpots

Tuesday, 26 February, 2019

Malcolm And Lucky’s Talk About Online Slot Machines Jackpots

Today on the Kerching blog, Malcolm and Lucky are doing something a little different. Instead of the usual game reviews, we’re going to have a little chat about everything you need to know about jackpots on slot machines, how they work and where you can play them.

L: Malc, how are you doing?

M: I’m good Lucky, you look like you’ve got something to say though.

L: Very perceptive! I have a little surprise for you!

M: Oh you don’t say!?

L: Yep. Because today I’M going to take charge of the Kerching blog.

M: Woah, hold on a minute, that’s my gig.

L: Don’t worry pal, I don’t want to take the job forever. I thought we’d do something a little different and talk about a mechanics of jackpots rather than a specific game or anything like that.

M: That actually sounds pretty interesting Lucky. How refreshing to have the ideas come from you this time.

L: I’ll let that one slide. Anyway, shall we get in stuck in?

M: I reckon so.

Online Jackpots Explained

L: Jackpots can be a bit difficult to get your head around, by they are simple mechanics based on algorithms.

M: A bit like you, then?

L:  ANYWAY. The first thing you need to know about online jackpots is that there are two types of them in slot game; Progressive and Flat.

M: Ok, what’s the difference between the two?

L: A progressive jackpot will feature a pot that regularly gets bigger as times goes on, only stopping when someone wins it. A flat jackpot doesn’t increase and will never change. What’s more, there are two sub-categories for progressive jackpots in online slots. The first is a proprietary jackpot, which merely means that all instances of that online slot machine will be geared towards the same jackpot, continuously growing until it is won. The second is a standalone jackpot, which will increase as you continue to play that specific game and is unaffected by others who are also playing.

M: Progressive Jackpots? Sign me right up.

L: Aye mate they can be very generous and winning one will give you a more than healthy payout!

M: Very nice, I do have one burning question before we move on though, how do you know what the Jackpot is?

L: Ah yes, of course. If the slot features a flat jackpot, the total sum should be displayed clearly on the screen. If there are multiple, the highest will be shown on the main screen while the others will most likely be detailed in one of the game’s menus. For progressive jackpots, a meter is often used to show the ever-rising number.

M: Excellent! What’s next on the agenda?

How Online Jackpots Are Won

L: Now I’m going to go over how these jackpots work, whether there’s game mechanics that boost their chances of triggering and how exactly they are won.

M: Alright Lucky, go right ahead.

L: Ok, online jackpots rely on the same system as any other win you get in a slot game. It’s known as the random generator, and there isn’t any method to whether a payout is given or not. You simply have to be lucky.

M: I understand mate, what are the actual requirements for triggering one though?

L: Well Malc, as you know, no two slots are the same, and this applies to jackpots as well. However, there is a template they follow. You will have to land a specific number of certain symbols, after which you will receive the corresponding jackpot. This sounds easy in theory, but landing these combinations is much harder than regular wins as they usually contain the most valuable and rarest symbols.

M: So all I have to do is land the symbols, and the jackpot will be mine.

L: Not exactly. As I said, slot games vary wildly, and there might be extra requirements to meet. On top of that, to win the highest progressive jackpots in games, you will have to be spin with the max bet. Otherwise, you will be awarded one of the lesser ones.

M: So, if I want to win the biggest jackpot, I need to be staking a max bet?

L: Correct pal, but it’s important to stress that placing the max bet will not increase the chances of winning a jackpot, it will make you eligible for the maximum amount.

L: Jackpots are decided through random generators, as with every other type of win in a slot game. As such, there isn’t anything you can specifically do to increase your chances of winning them; you just have to be lucky. However, bonus features and mechanics in specific slots can indirectly improve your chances of winning a jackpot.

M: Can you elaborate Lucky?

L: Sure, thing mate. Say you're deciding between two different games to play; one offers you multipliers and cash prizes, the other offers free spins with stacked wilds. Now obviously both of these can be hugely beneficial, and neither one is objectively better than the other. However, if you’re solely interested in trying to hit that jackpot winning combo, choosing the game with multipliers and cash prizes won’t help in that regard as these only add to your existing wins rather than creating new ones. However, if you have free spins and stacked wilds, there is a much high chance of landing entirely new combinations, including those that trigger the jackpot.

M: Ok so rather than actually increasing the chance of specifically landing the jackpot, that type of bonus raises the possibility of landing all combinations.

L: Exactly right. Again though, while this can increase your chances, winning the big progressives is still incredibly difficult. You shouldn’t max out your bet or play games you don’t want to purely in the pursuit of triggering one.

M: Good advice Lucky, what’s left to cover?

Jackpot Games and Where to Play Them

L: For this last section, I thought I’d briefly cover some of the games that have jackpots on Kerching.

M: I thought all slots had jackpots Lucky.

L: Most do, but some are much more prominent in some games than others. The One’s I’m going to mention here are part of a series of slots known as the Mega Jackpots by famed developers IGT.

M: They make some terrific games lad.

L: They do indeed. The Mega Jackpot series is a collection of some of their best games, with the bonus of having a juicy jackpot attached to them. They’re all progressive as well, which is a bonus.

M: I’ll never turn down extra features, which games are included in the series then?

L: We’ve got four available to play and their all top-notch games in their own right, you might have even heard of a few of them.  In our library we have; Golden Goddess, Wolf Run, Siberian Storm, Star Lanterns and the smash hit Cleopatra.

M: Cleopatra’s one of my favourites mate. I’m a little worried now though, will the game have all the same features as the original version?

L: They do Malc, so don’t fret over those Cleopatra free spins, they’ll still be waiting for you along with the Mega Jackpot.

M: Wonderful mate, does that about wrapping things up?

L: I reckon it does.

M: Anything to add before we go.

L: Only that all the games we mentioned are available to on desktop or mobile at Kerching. And, for all the newcomers reading, make sure to check our promotions page for our latest welcome offer as well as any other goodies we’re offering. And, if you want to know more about what it’s like to win one of these jackpots, why not read our blog about the lucky Kerching user who won £1,413,800.62!

Gamble Responsibly

Malcolm and Lucky love Kerching’s games, but they love our players even more, and that’s why we’d like to take a moment to remind you; please, gamble responsibly.

If you have any questions, visit BeGambleAware for free advice and guidance. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our support at [email protected]. Malcolm and Lucky want you to have fun at Kerching, so please gamble responsibly.

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