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Malcolm and Lucky’s Top Slots Series

Friday, 15 February, 2019

Malcolm and Lucky’s Top Slots Series

Online slots in the UK offers great titles, but some are so good they end up spawning their own spin-offs and sequels. From wonderful premises to great mechanics and shared developers, there is a plethora of versions spanning across multiple franchises. Some are better than others though, and Malcolm and Lucky have sifted through the Kerching library to find the best of the best. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at Kerching’s top slots series!

Kerching’s Top UK Slots Series

M: Alright Lucky.

L: What’s up Malc?

M: Tell you what mate, I’m in the mood for a little series.

L: Sounds like a plan, man. Westworld or Game of Thrones?

M: Not TV pal, I’m talking about looking at the best online slots in the UK!

L: That’s cool too I guess, but I was really looking forward to a good binge watch.

M: All in good time, little guy. But first, we’ve got some slots to review.

Rainbow Riches Slot Series

rainbow richesrainbow riches

M: Let’s start off with one of the most famous slots ever made.

L: Even I’ve played this one, and I don’t have any fingers.

M: Yes, this is THE original rock-star slot machine, but did you know that it’s had a bunch of spin-offs?

L: I’ve lost count of how many there are.

M: And for a good reason. This Irish-themed classic includes Drops of Gold, Fortune Favours, Free Spins, Home Sweet Home, Pick N Mix and Reels of Gold variations.

L: Blimey there really is a lot, so surely they can’t be that different from each other.

M: Au contraire! Each carries the signature look of Rainbow Riches and has their own bonus features. The original, for example, including a variety of benefits all centred around multipliers, offering three different ways that these could be won. The later versions would instead focus on another aspect. Take Drops of Gold for instance; instead of multipliers, it offers a free spins mode and the chance to add extra wilds on to the reels. Fortune favours, on the other hand, introduces a giant symbol bonus and a Big Bet option that can give a variety of benefits in exchange for a bigger wager.

L: It seems like they’re trying to cover all fields then?

M: Yes, rather than having one feature that is present across the games, each Rainbow Riches targets a different type of bonus, giving flexibility and variety to players. The scope of features covered by the Rainbow Riches series makes it one of the most attractive propositions to the player.

L: Variety really is the spice of life.

M: Sometimes my friend, though our next entry has found fame through just one trademark feature.

Mega Jackpots

L: I don’t think I’ve played this one Malc.

M: That’s because rather than a series per se, this is a collection of games from IGT that give you the chance to win a huge progressive jackpot. There are five slots in total and each is great games in their own right.

L: Nice one, any that I might know?

M: Yes Lucky, we’ve got Golden Goddess, Cleopatra, Wolf Run, Siberian Storm and Star Lanterns available to play right here at Kerching. Cleopatra is easily the most well-known name on the list and might just be the most popular slot game in the world. Featuring a free spins mode that trebles your wins and can be re-triggered, the progressive jackpot is the icing on top of the cake for the pinnacle of online gaming. The best part of the mega Jackpot is that you can win it without even landing the symbols as any non-winning spin you make has a chance of granting you the big prize.

L: Ace, I’m already a fan of most of those games. That said, do they still have all their normal features as well?

M: That’s right, the only difference is the added chance of winning that big jackpot. So, if you love the generous free spins of Cleopatra or enjoy the mystical visuals of Wolf Run, you’ll find them all in the Mega Jackpot series. It’s literally just an extra bonus for you to try and win.

L: Someone just won over a million on Kerching, right?

M: Indeed! Jordan from London won a whopping £1.4m on a MegaJackpot in January. What a way to start off 2019 eh?

Da Vinci Diamonds

davinci diamonds

M: The Da Vinci Diamonds slot series is hugely popular, and its games are, just like their namesakes, works of art. They are instantly recognisable by their renaissance inspired visuals and generous gameplay mechanics. Each game in the series utilises a mechanic called ‘tumbling reels’ which can make a big difference to your gameplay. When you land a winning combination, the symbols involved will disappear and be replaced by new ones. These can then form new wins without even making a spin!

L: The original is one of my favourites but tell me more about the others.

M: There are two of them; Dual Play and Masterworks. Dual Play is quite like the original, but for one key exception. The game is played on two-reel sets, which means that the symbols from the tops reels can ‘tumble’ below to create new winning combinations. Apart from that, it features the same bonuses that made the original so popular.

L: I do like the sound of that.

M: On the other hand, Da Vinci Diamonds Masterworks features the trademark tumbling reels but reverts back to the one reel set up like the original game. The other big attraction of this games is its expanded free spins feature which lets you get a variety of benefits like multipliers and giant wild symbols.

L: I guess those tumbling reels are special.

M: They are indeed Lucky; each game in the Da Vinci Diamonds series relies on the combination of its free spin’s mode and tumbling reels mechanic instead of having a load of bonus features. While the graphics are a little dated at this point, the series has stood the test of time thanks to its generous gameplay.

L: Da Vinci has another legacy to his name then!

M: That he does Malc, now from one icon to another…

Foxin’ Wins Series

M: The last series we’ll be having a look at is the Foxin’ Wins slots. These centre around Foxin’, a mega-rich fox who resides in luxury yachts and a huge mansion.

L: Of course it is. All the foxes I know are mega-rich Hugh Hefner-types that live on yachts.

M: Don’t be cheeky. Anyway, there are four games in total each focusing on a different part of Foxin’s extravagant lifestyle. Foxin’ Wins the original set in his bachelor pad- a mansion filled with everything you would expect from the filthy rich. It was an instant hit because of its raft of bonus features. The biggest of these was the famed SuperBet option that lets you increase your wager to get generous reel modifiers. It was successful enough to warrant a sequel, Foxin’ Wins Again, where the main character makes his way to the high seas.

L: You said there were two games left though?

M: Yes, Foxin’ Wins Football Fever and Foxin’ Wins a Very Foxin’ Christmas. The former is a soccer-themed extravaganza released in homage to the 2018 World Cup mixing the same bonus features from the first game with the best of the beautiful game.

L: I’m going out on a limb here- is the second one related to Christmas by any chance?

M: Quite right. It’s another themed spin-off, keeping the trademark features which made the game so popular initially, but this time featuring a festive twist.

L: Brilliant mate, by my reckoning that’s the last one, right?

M: Correctomundo pal. All that’s left to say is that you can play games from all the series we’ve mentioned right here on Kerching. If you’re a newbie, don’t forget to check our promotions page to see our latest welcome offer and any other special promos we might be offering.

Malcolm and Lucky loved these slots, but that doesn’t mean you should go overboard with them.  If you want more information, visit BeGambleAware for free advice and guidance or get in touch with our support at [email protected]. When the fun stops, stop.

Up to £500 Welcome Offer

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Up to £500 Welcome Offer

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