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Our Highest RTP Slot Machines

Tuesday, 26 February, 2019

Our Highest RTP Slot Machines

Finding the perfect slot to play can be a tricky process. There are loads of factors that go into it; should you go for the game with free spins or big multipliers? Do you fancy a trip to ancient Egypt or magical Irish setting? We know it’s hard, so that’s why you should leave it to the experts. And who has more expertise than Kerching’s own Malcolm and Lucky! There’s only one thing on our lovable duo will cover today: return to player. That’s right, we’ve got together the best games in the Kerching library that have a higher than usual return percentage. So, sit back, relax and let Malcolm and Lucky walk you through some of the highest RTP slots!

Malcolm and Lucky’s Guide to the Best RTP UK Slots

M: Alright Lucky.

L: Alright Malc.

M: I think it’s time for a pop quiz.

L: Oh no, I’m not mentally ready for this. I’ve only had 5 or 6 kips this morning. I’m knackered.

M: Don’t worry mate, I’ve got faith in you. The question is, what is RTP?

L: I know this one. It stands for ‘return to player’, and it’s the percentage of all your wagers that a slot machine pays back. So if you have a £1 wager on a slot that has an RTP of 95%, you might expect it to return around 95p. Of course, this number is calculated over a long period of time and isn’t a set guide on how much a slot will return in the short-term.

M: Well-done you, I am pleasantly surprised and impressed!

L: What can I say, I’m an enigma. But why are you asking me anyway?

M: Well, the guys over at Kerching HQ have given us our latest mission…if you so choose to accept it.

L: Go on then.

M: Right, we must review a few of the best games on Kerching that have a higher than normal RTP.

L: You know I love a big win. Let’s do this.

The Invisible Man 96.4%

the invisible man

M: Let’s get the ball rolling with this slot, which is based around the legendary tale of the Invisible Man. I tell you what, one thing is clear to see. This slot has a huge RTP!

L: What’s the golden number then Malc?

M: It’s a cool 96.4%, and that’s not the only thing players will see. The Invisible Man has some juicy bonuses to take advantage of.

L: I love a bonus. The juicier, the better. Do tell.

M: To start, the game has a pretty interesting wild mechanic called ‘Walking Wilds’. There are two wild symbols in the game; the Policeman who appears on reel one and the Invisible Man who appears on reel five. As the game progresses, the wild will move along on reel for every re-spin. During this, they will collect pay outs on the way and hopefully form more winning combinations for you.

L: Lovely stuff, anything else?

M: Yep, there is a free spins mode in the game that is triggered when two Walking Wilds lock in the same position and merge together. You will initially receive ten free spins, but the wilds can merge again to give you four more. Additionally, there are two meters on the top of the screen that measures how many wilds fall off the reels during this mode. Filling up either meter will unlock one of two bonuses.

L: Which are?

M: They are the Police Spins and Griffin’s Rage. The former is triggered when the policeman’s meter fills up and will grant you three free spins with five wilds on the reels for each. The latter will take you to three new screens, and in each, you will be given a chance to win one of five prizes. These can be coins or multipliers, but if you happen across a red police hat in any of the screens, the mode will end.

L: A noir thriller with wild, free spins and a high RTP? Nice hat trick.

M: Aye lad, the perfect thing to start us off. We’ve still got some top-notch slots to get through so let’s carry on.

Twin Spin 96.6%

twin spin

M: We’re going all retro now Lucky, it’s Twin Spin!

L: Yaaaaas, it looks proper old skool.

M: It is, this is one of the smoothest looking games we’ve ever seen. It’s based on the fruit machines of yesteryear, with all the neon-lit produce you’d expect from such a theme. What’s more, it’s got a downright beautiful RTP of 96.6. This is in no small part down to the valuable symbols on offer and the games sole bonus feature.

L: Did you say something about valuable symbols?

M: I did indeed. There’s plenty of old retro icons here that can return a pretty penny if you land enough. The symbols are a pair of cherries, a golden bell, a gold bar, the lucky number seven and the most valuable of all, the diamond. Look out for that last one, as landing five of these consecutively on a payline will award you 1000 times your stake.

L: Bleeding heck, that’s not bad is it! What about that bonus feature you mentioned?

M: The feature itself is called Twin Reels, and during it, two adjacent reels will link together. This means that if symbols on the other reel land in the right positions, you can have an even bigger payline. What’s more, the Twin Reels can expand to include the third, fourth and fifth reel, which can make some pretty big wins for you if you’re lucky.

L: It’s sound mate, and the bonus features are a treat too! Welp, the first two games have definitely set the standard, let’s hope you don’t start unravelling now you have me all pumped up.

M: I assure you mate, I won’t let you down.

Steam Tower 97%

steam tower

L: Halfway through now. I’m prepared to have my socks knocked off.

M: Don’t worry Lucky, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. This one’s called Steam Tower, and it’ll see you embark on a fantastical adventure across a Victorian-themed spire. It follows the story of the game’s protagonist as he tries to save a princess from peril. It’s also got an astonishing RTP of 97%!

L: Wow! That’s just cray. How the……

M: The tower mentioned in the game’s title is present on the reels and directly affects your gameplay. To start, Steam Tower boasts stacked wilds, which will see whole reels with wilds in every position. In the base game, landing one of these will trigger a mini bonus and gift you ten free spins, as well as push the reels one level up the tower. This is essentially a free spins mode that follows on from this as well. The more spins you win from the stacked wilds, the higher up the tower you will go. There is a multiplier in the game as well, which will increase as you go up the floors. The highest you can get will award a whopping 7x multiplier, while those who make it to the top floor can expect a mouth-watering 1000 coins which will be multiplied by your bet level.

L: So, this one is like an actual video game? Very cool.

M: Bang on the money, it’s a neat concept that is only furthered by the benefits offers and, of course, the high RTP. We’ve got one game left now Lucky, and it’s an absolute cracker!

Reel Rush 97%

reel rush

M: Last, but by no means least, we have Reel Rush. This game not only has an astoundingly high RTP at 97%, but it’s also one of the most colourful looking slots on Kerching! Like one of the previous entries, Twin Spin, this slot harkens back to the fruit machines of old but adds a few new twists to the formula.

L: Colour me intrigued mate, what does this slot have in store for us.

M: It all centres around the games one main bonus feature, which is a free spins mode. When you start the game, you might notice that only thirteen of the reel positions are visible. The rest is covered by a tile with the letter ‘R’ plastered over it. As you rack up consecutive wins, these will slowly etch away, increasing the chances of you landing a win on your next spin. If you at any point you fail to land a win, the reels will reset to their original format.

L: Nice on Malc, where do the free spins come in though?

M: If you look closely at the screen, you’ll see six stars above the reels. This row will gradually fill up one after the other until everyone is done. When you get the sixth star, all the reel positions will be freed up. You will then be granted eight free with the new reel set, which greatly increases your chances of landing a big win as you’ll have access to all 3125 paylines!

L: Bleeding heck, that is a lot of paylines! I can see why the RTP is so high.

M: Aye Lucky, it’s a solid note to end too. Before we go though, we should stress that a game’s RTP is purely theoretical and based upon data taken over a long period of time. Slots can be very volatile, and the short term wins, and losses are very sporadic, so you don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’ll get back whatever the game’s RTP is. While they can be very generous, there is no guarantee that you’ll have any more wins than a normal slot.

L: Mega mate, I’m off to try them out now!

Gamble Responsibly

As you can see, Malcolm and Lucky love Kerching’s games. However, they also love it when our players to be responsible when wagering. There a few little things you can do to make sure your gaming experience is the best it can be. Have a clear budget in mind before you start playing can be a great help. If needed, Kerching offers wagering restrictions to prevent you from ever exceeding this.

Remember that any time you make a spin in a slot game, it is completely randomised. Your game time has no effect on the chances of winning, and you will never get to a point when you are ‘due’ a win.

For more tips and information, visit BeGambleAware for free advice and guidance. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our support at [email protected]. Malcolm and Lucky want you to have fun at Kerching, so please gamble responsibly.

Up to £500 Welcome Offer

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Up to £500 Welcome Offer

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