Feel the Call of the Wild with NetEnt’s £8,500 Promotion

Monday, June 5th, 2017


If you’re a fan of animal-based online slots, you may be aware of NetEnt’s stunning Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild slots. If not, now is the time to check it out.


Not only is ‘Call of the Wild’ a roaring good slot, this week it could also help you win a share of a whopping £8, 500! Malcolm and Lucky are here to tell you how:


M: Hey Lucky, I’ve got some fantastic news


L: What, you finally finished that crossword Malc?


M: Because I’m in such a good mood, I’ll let that sarcasm slide. No Lucky, Kerching online casino has an amazing promotion that I’m excited to share.


L: Right in that case I’m all ears!


M: Well, you know that slot, Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild?


L: The real money online slot with the life-like graphics and animal sounds? Love it, me.


M: That’s the one. So everyone knows that we love to play slots online in the UK. And all this week, playing Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild at Kerching or on the Kerching mobile slots app will gain you access to a prize draw. You could win a share of £8,500!


L: Whoop whoop! I’m in. How do I enter?


M: From Monday 5th June to Sunday 11th June 2017, every time you stake £10 on Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild slot, you’ll be entered into a prize draw. The first 500 winners will all take home a share.


L: I’m usually not the sharing type mate, but I’ll make an exception in this case. Who gets what?


M: It’s broken down like this:


1st prize £1,700

2nd prize £255

3rd prize £212.50

4th – 15th £12.75


L: Cracking! Wait a minute, did you say every time? So I could play more than once a day and get more entries?


M: Yep, up to 50 times a day.


L: That gives you loads of chances to get something, ‘innit?


M: I think playing a few times a day might be better. Remember, our readers need to keep it fun and play responsibly.


L: Yeah, deffo! Anything else we need to know?


M: T&Cs apply, but otherwise that’s about it. Play Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild online slot as much or as little as you like this week, depositing £10 each time, and voilà you’re in the draw.


L: Excellent!


So what are you waiting for? Get jungle fever online or via the Kerching mobile slots app today, and you could be a winner!