Cleopatra Plus Review

Online slot Cleopatra Plus review


We know that Malcolm and Lucky love walking like Egyptians, which is why they were delighted when we gave them the Cleopatra Plus review to do. With all the information on the latest offering from IGT, including how to play Cleopatra Plus, we will give the floor to our two reviewing masters: Malcolm and Lucky.

L: Why did Cleopatra refuse to see the psychiatrist?

M: No idea?

L: Because she was the Queen of Denial!

M: Lucky, I think you need to leave the Christmas cracker jokes in 2017.

L: Alright spoilsport, but we need to do the Cleopatra Plus review pronto as I’m desperate for a walk.

M: I’d best crack on then. Sit down then, and let’s get started. Cleopatra Plus is a 40-payline, five-reel online slot produced by IGT with a…

L: YAWN! Come on Malcolm let’s shake things up a little bit, tell the people what they really need to know.

M: You mean tell them about the bonus features?

L: I think it’s time our players heard about the bonus features.

M: Are you sure they’re ready?

L: Yes, the time is now.

M: Ok then. So if you’re wondering how to play Cleopatra Plus, you have come to the right place. On the face of it, this offering from IGT is a fairly standard online slot. However, the bonus features really bring Cleopatra Plus slot game to life.

L: They certainly do!

M: Haha are you a fan by any chance Lucky? The main attraction to Cleopatra Plus is the levels feature which can see you progress through the game as you accumulate more follower symbols. As you progress through the levels, the bonus rounds become more rewarding, and the Cleopatra Plus RTP begins to increase.

L: How do you get on to the bonus round Malcolm?

M: To access the bonus round, you will need to land three follower symbols in your reels. Then you will be transported to a screen where you can select (depending on your level) which map you want to play in, Gaza, Alexandria or the Nile Valley. Once the map is selected, you can place your followers in locations where you could be rewarded with multipliers, cash drops, or even free spins.

L: Nice one, is it complicated to play?

M: Not really, once you know how to play Cleopatra Slots it becomes easy to follow, and it is certainly plenty of fun.

L: You won’t get any Mummies playing it then.

M: Why not? Is this another one of your awful puns.

L: Because they’re afraid it will be a great way to relax and unwind!

Dad jokes aside; it appears as though Cleopatra Plus slots got a resounding thumbs up from Malcolm and Lucky. If you fancy trying the game for yourself, then Kerching is certainly the place for you. We have plenty of cracking online slots game favourites like Davinci Diamonds, Pixies of the Forrest and Rainbow Riches. Plus we have a welcome offer which would even tempt King Tut from his tomb! So why not give Kerching a try?

18+ only | please play responsibly |

Butterfly Staxx Review

Malcolm and Lucky review Butterfly Staxx online slot.

Chill out with Butterfly Staxx, a soothing online slot from NetEnt that will have you frolicking amongst the flowers and the butterflies. We love it, but our resident online slot reviewing rascals Malcolm and Lucky are harder to please. See what the pair had to say when we got them to review Butterfly Staxx online slot.

M: Do you still like to play NetEnt games Lucky?

L: You know it. They have the best online slot games in the UK. Why do you ask?

M: Today is a good day for you then, mate. The folks at Kerching have asked us to do a Butterfly Staxx review.

L: I don’t know if I like the sound of that, pal. I’m not your typical canine who likes to chase after butterflies in the park.

M: Don’t I know it. Nothing typical about you. Anyway, you won’t be scaring the butterflies off in this game, since you will be trying to capture them in your reels.

L: That sounds a little bit more my style. OK tell me more…..

M: The butterfly symbol is one of the most valuable symbols in Butterfly Staxx online slot and they can trigger respins and big wins.

L: Malcolm, you know I’m not interested if there aren’t any extra features to a game. Is that the best you got?

M: Wow, someone woke up on the wrong side of the kennel this morning! For your information, when you play Butterfly Staxx you could trigger the free spins bonus. This will see you travel to a screen full of green cocoons waiting to hatch into golden butterflies on every spin. The wins on the free spins feature are cumulative, so if you play your cocoons right you could get a tasty winning. You like winning, don’t you?

L: Hmmmmm I think I’d like this online slot game and you KNOW I like outdoorsy things, Malc.

M: Thanks to the top quality graphics you will have a virtual ball.

L: You can’t talk about a ball and the outdoors in the Butterfly Staxx slot review like that Malc, you’re going to have to take me out for a walk!

Butterfly Staxx is one of the best online slots from NetEnt and it gets a resounding yes from Malcolm and Lucky. If you would like to try it for yourself, Kerching is the place for you. We also have a whole host of other top UK online slots including Rainbow Riches, Cleopatra and Da Vinci Diamonds for you to enjoy.

Not only that but we have, in our opinion, the best casino deposit bonus going. Stake £10 and you can get up to £500 in bonuses plus 100 free spins on Cleopatra slot for you to enjoy. T&cs apply. Must be 18+.