Kerching turns 10 years young!




As die-hard online casino fans in the UK will know, Kerching is celebrating its 10-year anniversary in 2017. 


It’s hard to believe that online casino favourite Kerching has been around for ten years. And yet here we are, a decade on and it’s still one of the UK’s most popular online gaming sites with the best mobile slot games like Da Vinci Diamonds, Cleopatra and Starburst ready to play on the go.

The world as we know it now has changed dramatically in that time. Ten years may not seem that long ago. But a quick look back at ten things that are part of our everyday lives that didn’t exist in 2007 may alter your thinking on that. Graffiti-bot Malcolm and his pet bot, Lucky take a nostalgic look back at things that came after the launch of Kerching online casino and slots in July 2007.



M: Can you imagine the daily commute to work without the use of our mobile phones, Lucky? How would we check out social media or keep up to date on news? Ten years ago, we were at the mercy of daily newspapers to find out about current events.

L: Crikey, I remember that awful black ink staining my paws. I also had to use a rotary telephone to call my mum. With a massive chord that was always tangled up. Those were the days, my friend.


Social Media 


M: Social media is everywhere we go. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. It has become its own society. But ten years ago, none of them existed. Can you imagine that?

L: Oh, no! How would we get a full breakdown of people’s hourly activities and see pictures of every single meal they eat without social media? Is my sarcasm being lost on you, Malc?

M: Behave, Lucky.




M: Mobile apps are an integral part of modern day life. Need to pay a bill? Book a concert? Send an email? There is an app for pretty much anything nowadays, including Kerching.

L: That was a pretty shameless plug for Kerching, mate. But our app is full of the best mobile slots, and it’s free to download from the app store *snicker*



M: Well here’s a word that has had a song named after it and a device made specially to facilitate it. It has even spawned the ‘duck face’ pose, frequently adopted by those who love to share close-ups of their own face. Like you, Lucky!

L: Don’t hate me cuz I’m beautiful. But remember back in the old days, before Kerching, when you had to ask a stranger to take a picture of you and your mates? On a camera? And then you would have to wait for the film to be developed. Barbaric times, mate.



M: Hard to imagine, but in 2007, you would have to use a telephone to call a taxi company to summon a ride from point A to point B. And often, you would have to wait in excess of ten whole minutes for your ride to arrive.

L: WHAT?? That sends shivers right down my spine. But now we have Uber, the taxi mobile app that has taken the world by storm. They’ll even bring you a chippy tea now Malc, thanks to their new food delivery service. Brill!


Food Porn

M: Speaking of food, it really goes hand in hand with social media. Sharing pics of your breakfast/lunch/dinner has become quite commonplace, as you so eloquently pointed out earlier. Hence, the term ‘food porn’ relates to food that looks so good, it is the culinary equivalent of pornography.

L: Food porn. Who makes this stuff up, anyway?



M: The home of most #foodporn pics live on Instagram. It was created back in 2010 and it now has more than 600 million monthly active users. It seems to be a social media platform for our youth, who speak in acronyms and employ extensive use of hashtags.

L: #OMG, #dogsofinstagram is one of the top hashtags on IG. #justsayin



M: Here’s a little history for you, Lucky. The first hashtag EVER was on August 23, 2007 when Chris Messina tweeted the word #barcamp. They were known as ‘Twitter groupings’ back in the day, but hashtag emerged as societies preferred term of endearment for this descriptive little collection of words, and they dominate every social media channel.

L: Kerching was around before the very first hashtag was invented? I’m feeling a bit old now.



M: You’re favourite dance move, Lucky! Twerking started as an urban phenomenon, and burst on the scene when Miley Cyrus performed at the 2013 MTV Music Awards. The word was sadly added to the Oxford Dictionary shortly afterwards.

L: She booty-popped her way to infamy, eh? I’m better at it though.



M: Finally, Fitbit launched in May of 2013 with the promise to track our time, distance travelled, calories burned, steps taken, and download it all to their mobile app. It helps people stay healthy and reminds them to move more.

L: Yeah, it’s like having a judgemental yet silent personal trainer strapped to your wrist. Where do I sign up? Pffffft.


So much has changed over the last decade but Kerching has stood the test of time and we plan to continue moving with the times in years to come. With favourites like Diamond Queen, Golden Goddess and Gonzo’s Quest, why would you play slots online anywhere else?

Kerching’s welcome offer ‘£500 bonus, plus 100 bonus spins for Cleopatra’ is our way of commemorating this landmark celebration to thank our players. So, join us now for the very best in real money slots. We’ll save you a piece of cake.

Malcolm and Lucky’s Crazy Weekend


At Kerching, we’re all about giving our players the best value in online casinos. That includes letting you know about some of the leading offers that we are currently running.

With that in mind, we have THREE promotions stretching from Friday 21st of July through to Sunday 23rd of July that we hope you’re going to love.

Here are Malcolm and Lucky (who else) to run you through their Crazy Weekend:

M: I’ve been looking forward to our Crazy Weekend for ages now, Lucky! There’s so much to let players know about! We have not one, not two, but three exclusive limited-time only offers at Kerching Casino.

L: Three? I tell you what, you’re too good to this lot, Malc.

M: You could be right there, Lucky. The weekend of online slot fun begins on Friday 21st of July, with 25 bonus spins up for grabs on one of the most popular slots of all time, Da Vinci Diamonds.

L: Diamonds ey? Go on, I’m listening.

M: Alright, thanks for your permission to proceed. All our lovely online slot lovers have to do is deposit £10 this Friday 21st July and be credited with 25 free spins on the bling-heavy Da Vinci Diamonds game.

L: I’ll tell you what’s spinning. My head with all this talk of diamonds!

M: Then listen to this. Diamonds, pearls and portraits feature as symbols in this shiny visit to Renaissance Italy. Leonardo himself would be proud.

L: DiCaprio?? You weren’t joking when you said this weekend would be crazy!

M: Don’t be so thick, Lucky. Leonardo Da Vinci, as indicated in the name? I digress. We’re not done there. Far from it. On Saturday, we’re giving away a 50% deposit match up to £250 bonus to play.

L: Oh aye, talk to me.

M: Well, players must deposit £10 on Saturday 22nd July and a bonus equalling 50% of their first deposit, up to a maximum of £250, will be added to their account.

L: Crikey. We’re not doing things by half, are we? Or maybe we are, I don’t know!

M: We’re certainly not, wait until you hear about our Sunday offer.

L: Wait, there’s more? I think I need to sit down for this, mate.

M: Take some deep breaths, because on Sunday 23rd July players who make an initial deposit of £10 will receive 50 free spins to be used on Starburst – the mesmerising online slot with sparkling jewels bursting onto the screen.

L: This was too much for me to process, Malc. I think I need to reboot and take it all in again. Can you shut me down?

M: I thought you would never ask.


There you are, guys. Not just one promotion to see you through Malcolm and Lucky’s Crazy Weekend – but three!

Free spins, deposit matches and plenty of bling – what more could you ask for?

Remember, Kerching Casino has some of the best online slot titles in the UK like Rainbow Riches Pick N’ Mix, Gonzo’s Quest and Kitty Glitter.

Malcolm and his cheeky sidekick Lucky are always dishing out new information in our game reviews blog.

Head on over to our blog to see what else they’ve been up to. Don’t forget to share with your mates on social media!


Malcom and Lucky Game Review – Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches is widely considered the first ‘super-game’ and is one of the best online slots in history.

Continuing to hold the crown as the most popular online slot in the UK, this Irish-themed classic just gets better with age. Kerching Casino bots Malcolm and Lucky take our players through the basics of the game.

M: Today is a special treat for you, Lucky. It’s time to tell our online slot lovers all about Rainbow Riches! And since you have been well behaved this morning, you get to join me. Isn’t that wonderful?

L: Thanks, pal. It’s better than a kick in the hindquarters, that’s for sure. I do love Rainbow Riches, me.

M: And rightly so. I think you like it because it’s a bright and colourful five-reel, 20 pay-line video slot with bonus features galore. But did you know it got its inspiration from the original land-based version, and is played in casinos around the world?

L: Always a good day when you learn something new, I say. What else, mate?

M: Ah, I see I’ve piqued your interest. Well, it’s powered by our friends at Barcrest games. Just like the land-based casino game, the famous and instantly recognisable ‘lucky leprechaun’ is so iconic it has spawned a slew of imitators.

L: He’s a sound bloke, that leprechaun. He’s also got a face only a mother could love, that’s for sure. Poor lad.

M: Now now, Lucky, behave. We’ll start with the Road to Riches bonus feature, which is triggered by spinning three or more bonus leprechauns anywhere on the reel. While you play, Rainbow Riches is filled with lovely Irish imagery like pots of gold and fair red-haired lassies against a vivid purple backdrop.

L: I’m buzzin for that. What about wagering, Malc?

M: Glad you asked. The game has multiple wagers starting as low as 0.01p per line up to £25 per line, with a maximum wager of £500 per spin with all lines enabled. There’s a total of twenty-three single line winning combinations starting with a top jackpot of £12,500 on a maximum wager for five wild logos. Secondary jackpots are available for combinations like five Rainbow Riches logos that has a pay-out of £6,250 and 4 wilds that pay-out £5,000 for four wilds.

L: I could splash out on new nuts n bolts with that. What about bonus rounds? Bonus rounds gets my hard-drive overheated.

M: Calm down, Lucky. Take a few deep breathes so I can continue. There are three brilliant bonus rounds, in fact. First up, is Road to Riches. Match three or more Bonus Leprechaun symbols to trigger it; press ‘Start’ and the wheel will decide how many steps you take along the ‘cash path’. Keeping spinning until you land on a ‘Collect’ position or come to the end of the road. Your final position will determine the amount, which will then be multiplied by your total stake. The maximum win here is a whopping 500 times your stake!

L: Me likey. What else?

M: Next is Wishing Well Bonus, where three matching wishing-well symbols anywhere on the reels gets you another chance to win up to 500 x your stake. Last but by no means least, the Pots of Gold bonus is triggered when you find three pots of gold symbols on reels two, three or four. Gold, silver and bronze pots of gold will start spinning, where an arrow will point to one of the pots with different multipliers. You could be looking at 500x your total stake!

L: That all sounds mint. I think I’ll give it a go. Ta for explaining it all to me, mate. No wonder you’re my bessie, eh?

M: You’re welcome, Lucky. But please don’t call me Bessie again.


Head over to Kerching Casino to take advantage of our generous welcome package. Up to £500 bonus to play, PLUS 100 spins on slot favourite Cleopatra! We have lots of other favourite titles like Bonanza

We have lots of other favourite titles like Bonanza Megaways, Starburst and Da Vinci’s Diamonds too.  Don’t forget to check out our new games Ted, Butterfly Staxx and The Wild Life while you visit.


Rainbow Riches Features:

Software: Barcrest

Type: Video Slot

Reels: 5

Paylines: 20

Total Coins: 100

Coins Range :0.01 to 25.00

Jackpot: 500

Bonus Round: Yes (3)

Free Spins/Multiplier

Autoplay: YES

Progressive: NO

Mobile: YES

RTP: 95%

*T&Cs apply, must be 18 to play

Malcolm and Lucky Game Review – Starburst

Today, Kerching Casino bot Malcolm and his dog-bot Lucky have a look at one of the most popular online slots in the UK.

Starburst is one of the many exceptional titles from Net Entertainment (or NetEnt, as they are more widely referred to) and is a powerful little video slot featuring 5 reels and 10 paylines.

To find out more, let’s head over to Malcolm and Lucky and get their feedback. Over to you, boys!

M: It’s always a good day when we get to review one of the online slot games on Kerching Casino, don’t you agree Lucky?

L: Too right, Malc, too right. Age before beauty, as they say, so you start us off.

M: Cheeky! Well for starters, it’s a five reel, three row slot that mixes vibrant colours in a classic arcade setting. You can play from as little as 10p a spin to £100 a spin. Starburst has been one of the best online slots in the UK for some time now, and for good reason. The blistering pace makes it one of the most exciting games I’ve ever seen!

L: It takes a lot to impress me, you know that mate. Even I’m mesmerised by the sparkling jewels of Starburst. But it’s the ‘Win Both Ways’ wild that makes my monitor fog up.

M: I don’t know about all that, but I thought I saw you blow a fuse after experiencing the expanding Starburst Wild! And rightly so, because it also has plenty of fun little features that makes this game an experience not to forget.

L: I like a little fun. Ask my mates from the bot academy. We used to get up to all sorts. But I digress, tell everyone more about the Starburst Wild feature.

M: Well, the traditional Wilds are replaced; now Starburst wilds expand on reels 2, 3 and 4 to cover the entire reel. The other reels will re-spin. If a new wild appears during the re-spin, it expands and holds in place together with previously expanding Starburst wilds for yet another re-spin. The feature only ends when no new Starburst Wilds appear during a re-spin. If you manage to get 3 expanding Starburst Wilds, you can win big – there’s up to £50,000 on offer!

L: Just thinking about it is making my circuits short out. How about a recap of what everyone can expect, Malc?

M: Don’t get your binary codes in a twist, but with full screen, stacked, boxed, combo’s and win both ways, players like you are going to love this video slot experience. Starburst™ has once again proved NetEnt is a leading innovator in UK online slots.


Kerching Casino has a generous welcome package for new players. Enjoy up to *£500 bonus to play, PLUS 100 spins on slot favourite Cleopatra!

We have plenty of other favourite titles like Bonanza Megaways, Rainbow Riches and Foxin Wins too.  Check out our new games The Wild Life, beautiful Butterfly Staxx and the outrageous Ted while you visit.


Starburst features:

Software: Netent

Type: Video Slot

Reels: 5

Paylines: 10

Total Coins: 1-10

Coins Range :0.01 to 100.00

Jackpot: 250

Bonus Round: Yes

Free Spins/Multiplier: No

*T&Cs apply, must be 18 to play

Link to video: