Feel the Call of the Wild with NetEnt’s £8,500 Promotion


If you’re a fan of animal-based online slots, you may be aware of NetEnt’s stunning Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild slots. If not, now is the time to check it out.


Not only is ‘Call of the Wild’ a roaring good slot, this week it could also help you win a share of a whopping £8, 500! Malcolm and Lucky are here to tell you how:


M: Hey Lucky, I’ve got some fantastic news


L: What, you finally finished that crossword Malc?


M: Because I’m in such a good mood, I’ll let that sarcasm slide. No Lucky, Kerching online casino has an amazing promotion that I’m excited to share.


L: Right in that case I’m all ears!


M: Well, you know that slot, Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild?


L: The real money online slot with the life-like graphics and animal sounds? Love it, me.


M: That’s the one. So everyone knows that we love to play slots online in the UK. And all this week, playing Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild at Kerching or on the Kerching mobile slots app will gain you access to a prize draw. You could win a share of £8,500!


L: Whoop whoop! I’m in. How do I enter?


M: From Monday 5th June to Sunday 11th June 2017, every time you stake £10 on Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild slot, you’ll be entered into a prize draw. The first 500 winners will all take home a share.


L: I’m usually not the sharing type mate, but I’ll make an exception in this case. Who gets what?


M: It’s broken down like this:


1st prize £1,700

2nd prize £255

3rd prize £212.50

4th – 15th £12.75


L: Cracking! Wait a minute, did you say every time? So I could play more than once a day and get more entries?


M: Yep, up to 50 times a day.


L: That gives you loads of chances to get something, ‘innit?


M: I think playing a few times a day might be better. Remember, our readers need to keep it fun and play responsibly.


L: Yeah, deffo! Anything else we need to know?


M: T&Cs apply, but otherwise that’s about it. Play Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild online slot as much or as little as you like this week, depositing £10 each time, and voilà you’re in the draw.


L: Excellent!


So what are you waiting for? Get jungle fever online or via the Kerching mobile slots app today, and you could be a winner!

Malcolm and Lucky Game Review – Blazing Goddess


Lightning Box games usually have a slick, cool aesthetics that immediately draw the eye, and Blazing Goddess is no different. Today, Malcolm tried his robotic hand at this Polynesian-themed online slot and is ready to share his thoughts on the whole matter with Lucky. Over to you, boys!


M: Well, Lucky, it’s time to tell our players what I thought about playing Blazing Goddess, which was developed by the team at Lightning Box Games. Did you know that the group is made up of a group of mathematicians, and they came up with the models for games like Aristocrat and other IGT games?


L: No mate, I didn’t know that and not sure I care. What else you got for me?


M: There’s no need to be rude, Lucky. Anyway, Blazing Goddess is a 5-reel online slot game with an astonishing 1,024 pay lines. The visuals are remarkable, with beautiful images of Hawaii, lush jungles, pristine beaches and lots of natural beauty.


L: Oooooer, I can’t go near beaches, me. The salty sea air rusts me nuts n bolts.


M: I know. However, this is just an online slot game right here in the UK and the visuals are very realistic looking, so you have nothing to fear. Can I continue, please?


L: Carry on.


M: OK, you’ll be happy to know that you can play Blazing Goddess on desktop, tablet and mobile. There’s a generous 95.4% RTP and you can wager from 1p up to £2. What’s even better is you can have a go at the game for free, with no download or registration required!


L: Well, that’s alright then, inn’it! Putting your money where your mouth is. I like it.


M: What you’ll really like is the fireball wild symbols, while the heavy drumbeat soundtrack helps get you into the tribal mood. And with 50 payout lines, I think our Kerching players are going to enjoy it.


L: Alright then, shove over and let us have a go!




If you want to play Blazing Goddess or any of the other amazing online casino games on Kerching, check out our promotions here. T&C’s apply. Must be 18+ to play. Enjoy!

Malcolm and Lucky Game Review – Gonzo’s Quest

An epic quest with 3D graphics, a mythic hero and innovative bonuses; it’s not hard to see why Gonzo’s Quest remains one of the most popular online slots in existence.


Here’s Malcolm and Lucky to take you through this NetEnt classic:


M: It’s always a pleasure to revisit an old favourite, and Gonzo’s Quest slots is certainly up there with my top online slots of all time.


L: Of all time? Blimey. What makes it so good, Malc?


M: Well, firstly, this was the game that revolutionised reels and changed the way we play slots.


L:  Sounds impressive enough. How did it do that then?


M: Gonzo’s Quest was the first game to feature NetEnt’s ‘Avalanche Reels’ which have also come to be known as ‘tumbling reels’. The idea being that the symbols fall to the ground and disappear, freeing up the reels for more symbols to create winning combinations.


L: Ooooh lots of online games have those now. Very cheeky.


M: True, but Gonzo’s Quest slots was the original and is arguably still the best. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, as they say.


L: Even though I don’t know what that means, you’ve got my attention now mate. Anything else that makes it special?


M: Oh yes Lucky. It’s just so much fun to play. The graphics are amazing, the soundtrack fits perfectly, and Gonzo himself is just so enthusiastic when you win. He punches the air, bellows with joy and, if you’re really lucky, he might even spin his hat on his finger and do some moonwalking!


L: I’ve been known to bust out my moonwalking at weddings. The lady bots love it. So tell me, what are the bonuses like?


M: On top of the avalanche feature, there’s a ‘Free Fall’ bonus round where even the wilds will substitute for winning symbols. Combined with the multipliers from the avalanche reels and you could have some big wins on your hands. Even better, because it’s so well designed, it even looks great on a tiny screen. You can play it on a mobile slots app and it loses none of its appeal.


L: You’re havin’ a laugh….all that in one game? Shut the front door! Where’s me mobile then? Time for me to meet Gonzo.


Malcolm and his dog-bot are clearly fans, but don’t just take their word for it. Play Gonzo’s Quest at Kerching, via desktop, tablet or the mobile slots app and decide for yourself!