We predict you’ll love our new slot game Mayan Riches

Fans of IGT’s Coyote Moon will instantly fall in love with the studio’s latest offering, Mayan Riches.

Coyote Moon itself is a prequel to the popular Wolf Run and Wild Wolf, with Mayan Riches expanding that universe even further.

Coyote Moon players will instantly recognise the features and mathematic model in Mayan Riches that made the former an instant hit.

Mayan Riches though, with its massive £250,000 maximum win and retriggerable bonus round, offers players an entirely new theme to explore and enjoy.

So, let’s do some digging…

First Impressions

Familiar in style to previous IGT titles, Mayan Riches’ artistic visuals and energetic theme guarantee a fresh experience with every minimum bet.

Newcomers will be hooked; Mayan Riches has a habit of pulling you in thanks to its active playline customisation options (up to 40).

And the payoff is worth it thanks to the way Mayan Riches multiplies your line bets. Line wins pay from left to right, with multiplied line bets offering serious jackpots.

A Familiar Bonus Round

It’s one of the reasons we fell for Mayan Riches. Its frequent payouts seem to keep topping up your enjoyment as you play … basically, the session is never a bore.

And that’s largely thanks to the game’s clever use of its Wild Symbols system.

Wild Symbols take the form of a Mayan temple. Think of them like a blank Scrabble tile; if two of the same icons show up on the same payline alongside a Wild Symbol, then the Wild Symbol will act as a third icon, completing a winning sequence.

The system is balanced well and never made us feel like we were getting away with an easy win, whilst also keeping us interested enough to keep playing.

For all the ancient charm of the Mayan Riches theme, bonus rounds are a pretty straightforward affair.

Represented by BONUS icons players advance to the round if they get three icons anywhere on the middle three reels.

As a treat, you’ll be handed a generous instant reward, a doubling of your total bet and five free spins.

It’s also retriggerable. Getting three BONUS icons in a row during your time playing the bonus round will grant you another five free spins.

Pair that with Mayan Riches’ four paylines and five columns and there’s plenty there to keep the avid slot gamer entertained.


Detractors will point out that Mayan Riches, with the same algorithm as Coyote Moon, is essentially the same game wearing different clothes.

That would do the excellent Coyote Moon as much a disservice as Mayan Riches.

Both are fantastic slot games in their own right, with IGT going to great lengths to freshen a winning formula with an attractive historical Central American theme.

Not much beats getting a payline of Mayan Chiefs, while the generous nature of Mayan Riches’ bonus rounds make this the perfect slot for players that like games with character.

You’re not just discovering an ancient civilisation with Mayan Riches, but also hours of fun and the promise of rich rewards.

You can play both real and free money versions of the Mayan Riches slot game

Making the Most of Your Slots Loyalty Points

What does loyalty mean to you?

Loyalty was at the heart of civilisation when our ancestors were sleeping in caves. And many people live by the value today.

It’s powerful stuff.

Whether you’re loyal to your partner, your job or your pet dog – you’ll know exactly how it feels to be loyal. It’s one of those proud things that warms your heart when you realise it’s there … and you receive loyalty in return (that’s the best bit).

There’s no way we can match that emotional connection you have with whomever it is that you’re loyal to.

But we do have our own tribe here at Kerching. And we value loyalty too.

That’s why we put the Loyalty Points scheme in place for you.

Now, before we get into the details, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you – whether you’re a long term member or a total newbie, we appreciate that you’re here with us.

Here’s how the points work …

Kerching Casino Loyalty Points Explained

Every time you play real money roulette, blackjack, craps, poker or online slot games at Kerching – we’ll give you loyalty points.

A thousand loyalty points is worth £10.

The amount of loyalty points you earn will differ depending on the game type, and your betting amounts.

Basically, for every £100 you spend, you’ll unlock:

As our savvy long term members may already know, you can get double points on selected special offer days throughout the year (we’ll let you know as and when they’re happening).

To collect your loyalty points, you just have to login as normal, click My Account and you’ll see a ‘redeem points’ option at the top of the page. Click that one.

How to Make the Most of Your Loyalty Points

Different people treat their loyalty points in different ways.

But here’s our best collection of tips on making the most of yours …

    1. Play money is REAL money.

A lot of people see money or credits they receive for free as play money. Money which they can part with much easier than their actual income.

You often see this at the poker table when a player wins a big pot, only to separate his newly won chips from his original stack … almost as if it doesn’t count – like a cushion to ‘have fun’ with.

Swap this attitude out and get serious about your loyalty points – you’ll appreciate them much more.

Spend them wisely. And always play slot games responsibly.

    1. Save Small to Spend Big.

Keep an eye on your loyalty points adding up over time but avoid the temptation to redeem too early.

Once you’ve saved up over the next six months, you might just earn yourself an entirely ‘free’ session. The perfect reward for staying loyal to Kerching.

    1. Boost your winning chances.

Okay, time to get specific and zoom in on one of our favourite new slot games – Western Belles.

If you’ve got a cash booster from your saved-up loyalty points, then you can use that to enable the full-length Wild Reels in the game.

These symbols take up the entire column and remain present in the bonus round too – increasing your chances of connecting to winning sequences.

They cost £2 to trigger. Loyalty points well spent.

Time to earn as you play …

Your loyalty is respected and rewarded here at Kerching.

We love every single member for being so dedicated to our brand and wish to keep bringing you the best online slot games available.

Thanks again for being part of the tribe.