Black Widow Slots Review at Kerching!

Who’s the first suspect a murder detective has in mind when a body turns up in somebody’s home?

The husband, right?

We’re not homicide experts here at Kerching but we watch enough television dramas to know that if the husband’s at the crime scene, he’s probably the one who did the deed.

Okay, maybe that’s why we’re not in law enforcement.

But we are in the gaming industry and this one’s got a twist in the tail that not even Inspector Morse could see coming (is he still going, by the way?) …

Black Widow is a slots game based entirely around the murderous ways of a wicked wife – who ‘offs’ her three husbands one at a time.

The grimmest part? Well you kind of look forward to these killings because they symbolise prizes for you – the gamer … or accomplice, depending on how you look at it.

So, if you’re cool with being as cold as ice and getting excited about slaughtering your temporary make-believe husbands, then keep on reading to find out what else you’ll get from this gruesome online slots game …

Killer Symbols to Look Out For

Like we said, you want to see the husband’s die in this game – because that means you’ve won.

Basically, any time one of the three husbands feature within a winning line, he’s executed. And you get to watch an animation of his death. Lovely!

But you also get an instant prize. Which is lovely.

Beyond the victims in the game, you’re looking out for Wild symbols and Super Stacked symbols too.

Let’s start with the Wilds …

As you might already know, a Wild symbol steps in to complete your winning sequences on the board. So in this game, if you’ve got two husbands lined up on a winning line, but you need three to complete the sequence, then a Wild symbol in his place would still work out for you.

As for the Super Stacked symbols, we’ve seen these before in the Golden Goddess slot game.

Each of the husbands is stacked. And that means you are likely to see a bunch of them on the screen at the same time … ultimately, that means you’re more likely to connect winning sequences when they’re in play.

A Plot Twist in the Bonus Round

You get a pass into the bonus round by landing nine poison vials on the central three reels. This will trigger the screen to show you the crime scene of one of the widow’s murders … the outline of a victim’s body is chalked out in the hallway.

Now, this bonus round takes a bit of getting used to … but then again, so does killing your husbands, so this is quite a fitting feature.

Straightaway, you’ll notice a change in the onscreen display.

Instead of a basic set of slot reels, you’ll see the same board only now there is a picture frame surrounding the very centre icon and there are three boxes at the top of your screen.

Each one of these boxes represents a different husband and his bonus prize pot.

Upon entry to the bonus round, each one of those prize pots will contain double the total bet which you placed on the spin that got you the nine poison vials, and into the bonus round.

Now every time a husband features in the picture frame spot, you’ll receive an instant prize plus his prize pot will increase.

For full details on how this bonus round works (including a heads up on how the widow character can earn you more credits herself) check out our full breakdown of how Black Widow works here.

The Verdict

Purely on the theme alone, this is one of the bravest slot games we’ve seen come from IGT. And it’s been doing incredibly well as a land-based game prior to this online launch.

We’re thrilled to bring it to you in all its gory glory … but we must warn you that it’s not for the feint-hearted. And in all honesty, this one’s not for the slots newcomer, as the bonus round is far from easy to grasp.

Long-term members of Kerching will love the variety on offer, you’ll appreciate the added touches in the game’s design and you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a max payout of £250,000.

If you’re looking for simple slots gaming … stick to a slots title like She’s a Rich Girl. No blood and guts are spilled with that one, and it’s much easier to follow.

All in all, we’d love to say that the remarkable Black Widow is for everyone. But the reality is that only a certain type of brave soul would dare to immerse themselves into a slot based entirely on the murder of those you are meant to love.

We guess the widow is with those men for their money (which kind of makes her a little like Rich Girl … but don’t quote us on that!).

Anyway, it’s your call. And we’re openly welcoming you to try this one out, now you’ve been warned.

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If you want to know a little bit more about the games first, let’s dive into the list (number 5 is an incredible new slots game) …

    1. Golden Goddess

Bathed in Greek Mythology and reinforced by an awe-inspiring soundtrack – Golden Goddess has risen to be one of the most popular online slot games in the world.

Max Payout: £250,000

Min Bet: 40p

RTP: 95.29%

    1. Treasures of Troy

With over a thousand ways to win and an epic bonus round (made even more epic through the ability to re-trigger your free spins inside the bonus round itself), Treasures of Troy is considered a legend by many Kerching members.

Max Payout: £250,000

Min Bet: 1p

RTP: 95.03%

    1. Cleopatra

In-keeping with the ancient mythology theme, Cleopatra is the third and final classic slots game on our list (two newer titles are coming up).

If Cleopatra’s voice doesn’t seduce you into an enjoyable gaming session, then perhaps her value-enhancing Free Spins bonus round will.

And remember, you’re getting your cash matched by Kerching here – effectively doubling your fun.

Max Payout: £250,000

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    1. Nouveau Riche

Soak into a session of luxury as you play Nouveau Riche, a new online slot designed to put you centre-stage – into the life of the young and rich.

We picked this game to be in our Weekend Whopper because it matches the theme of MONEY.

We match your cash – meaning you get more in-game wealth.

The interactive bonus picker gets you into the Free Spins round, which you can keep reviving by landing +1 icons on the board. It’s new, fascinating and a joy to play around with.

Max Payout: £250,000

Min Bet: 20p

RTP: 96.56%

    1. Masques of San Marco

This is one of the most exciting slot titles to come out in recent years.

Its double-decked slots format and Venetian theme combine to give you a totally fresh gaming experience.

If you’ve played Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play, then you’ll have a feel for this new format already.

On top of the double screen, you’re getting double your money here too – so you really are guaranteeing enjoyment value from choosing this one.

Max Payout: £250,000

Min Bet: 40p

RTP: 95.03%

Time to pull up a seat …

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Kerching Offers you the Chance to Win a Share of £1 Million with MegaJackpots

Do you find gaming more of a thrill when BIG prizes are on offer?

Let us word that differently …

Do you find any challenge more of a thrill when there is the chance of a BIG reward on the other side?

It’s one of those human instincts – a juicy incentive can boost the experience of almost anything.

That’s why certain diners give you a meal for FREE when you chow down on the 12-Stack Burger Challenge … or whatever it may be.

Even if you can’t stomach the final bite, the thrill of chasing the prize is part of the experience. And you tell your friends all about it. It’s even better when you actually do win, by the way.

It’s the same deal here.

At Kerching, we’ve had a blast running the MegaJackpots games on the site. And we know plenty of our members have too.

Before we get into the BIG prize and how it works, let’s take a closer look into what else makes this competition so enjoyable …

The Best MegaJackpots Slot Games

A lot of our members ask what the most popular slot games are online. And we’re happy to point them in the direction of certain classic titles.

Those same classics are all incorporated into the MegaJackpots Power Prize Draw … along with some fresh and exciting slots. Perfect.

The main trio is comprised of Cleopatra MegaJackpots, Cluedo MegaJackpots and MONOPOLY MegaJackpots. These games have featured throughout the entire competition so far.

Every week, additional titles are added and swapped into the picture too – like Pixies of the Forest, Treasures of Troy and the cheekily themed Western Belles.

MegaJackpots Slot Prizes – How it all Works

The £1 Million Power Prize Draw was re-launched in January to bring in the New Year.

Since then, thousands of pounds in prizes have been paid out and a variety of games have been enjoyed along the way.

Every week, 500 prizes are awarded to winning players. The totals for these prizes vary – here’s a quick breakdown to explain:

As we touched on earlier, the relevant games for each week can vary too (excluding the three MegaJackpots).

For every £10 you spin on the relevant games for that week, you will receive one entry into the MegaJackpots Power Prize Draw plus one for the first £3 you spin.

You don’t have to spin £10 on one game or one spin, this can be made up from a series of smaller bets across multiple relevant titles for that week.

There is no cap on the amount of entries you can earn. So the more you spin, the more entries you get in to the Draw.

There’s More…

When you play any of the three MegaJackpots classics, you have even more of a chance of smashing the BIG prize of approximately £500,000. You just need to play the slot games on max bet.

All in all, there’s £1 million up for grabs from the overall Draw – with £125,000 paid out every single week.

So to enter, all you need to do is play at least £3 across the selected games.

Get involved today! We’d love to have you along for what has been a wild journey so far, with so much money paid out over the weeks.

Yeehaw! The Western Belles are in town

Are you ready for the rootinest, tootinest online slots game in the whole Wild West? We sure are – and you’ll fall in love with this game quicker than you can say ‘yeehah!’

If you’re partial to a bit of light-hearted cheekiness, this game is perfect for you. Best played with a good sense of humour, there’s much more to this game than just its scantily clad cowgirl characters.

We’re talking big, big wins.

And this game has so many special features that you’ll be on the edge of your seat (or saddle) throughout the whole gameplay. All you need to start is a minimum bet of 1p or £2 to enable the Wild reel.

The maximum bet is £600 and you can win up to a whopping £250,000!

Wilder than the Wild, Wild West

When we say this game is wild, we mean it. From its fast pace and big wins to its cheeky theme, this slots game will certainly keep you on your toes.

But to really make the most of it, it’s important to understand what all the special features mean. After all, you’re in it to win it, right?

Let’s start with the Wild symbols.

When a lipstick mark appears with the word ‘Wild’ written across it, this is a Wild symbol. They’re special because they bridge the gap between corresponding symbols and trigger a win.

Then there’s the Wild reels… when you get one of these, you should get really excited.

A Wild reel is a Wild symbol that takes up an entire reel – upping your chances of triggering a win on every single one of your activated paylines. But it doesn’t end there – you can guarantee that you’ll get a Wild reel on every single spin by betting a minimum of £2.

And it wouldn’t be a true slots game without a bonus round – this is triggered when three matching saloon doors appear across the three middle reels.

Each bonus round gets you a number of Free Spins and once you start retriggering bonus rounds, you’ll start feeling pretty flush indeed.

Start playing Western Belles

It’s all very well telling you about how wild this game is – the best way to find out is to try it for yourself. So if you’re ready for a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun, click here to start playing Western Belles.

Once you’ve got to grips with the special features, the game is easy to understand and suitable for slots players with varying levels of experience. And you’ll quickly see that they don’t just make the game more exciting, they also up your chances of bagging a big win.

These cowgirls won’t tell you to reach for the sky – they’ll tell you to reach for your computer or tablet and start playing Western Belles.

The sooner you start playing, the sooner you can start triggering those big wins. All it takes is a 1p minimum bet and you could become the richest darn tootin’ cowboy in the whole Wild West.

So what are you waiting for? Don your cowboy boots, jump on your horse and start playing Western Belles.