Review: Wolf Rising Slots

If you’re hungry like the wolf for a big win, this is an online slots game you’ll really want to get your claws into.

There are dozens of new and exciting ways to win and right from the word ‘go’ you’ll really get the sense that this is one of the most unique online slots games you’ll ever play – and however much you bet, the bonus rounds can really give you a leg up in the winning stakes.

We’ll get into this later but if you’re already itching to have a go, click here to play.

Loads of ways to win BIG

One of the best things about Wolf Rising is that it gives you so many ways to win. And not just win – you can win big.

Wondering how? Well, Wolf Rising has larger symbols that cover multiple rows. And larger symbols up your chances of a big win, because they cover more of your activated paylines.

For example, the brown wolf covers two rows and the black and white wolves cover three. But if you’re lucky enough to get a totem pole, it’ll cover up to eight rows. And that makes it more likely to connect to several of your activated paylines – making it more likely that you’ll land a winning combination.

All you need to do is decide how much to bet. A bigger bet means a bigger win but if you simply enjoy the thrill of slots games, all you need is a minimum bet of 1p to start playing.

But you can bet up to £1,000 if you like and per spin you could win up to a whopping £250,000!

Wilds and Bonuses

As soon as you start playing you’ll see that the bonus symbols don’t only provide some stunning artwork, they’re also the game’s best feature.

Stacked Wilds trigger big wins

When you see a Stacked Wild (a multi-row totem pole symbol) your adrenaline will really start pumping because this symbol provides one of the easiest ways to trigger a win.

A Stacked Wild can substitute for any symbol – so if one of your activated paylines has four out of five winning symbols and a Stacked Wild lands in the right spot, you’ll be in for a win.

Wolf Rising Bonus Round

And when the theme switches from a hazy daytime to moonlit midnight, things get really exciting. This means you’ve got three bonus symbols in a row across the centre three reels and entered the Wolf Rising Bonus Round.

And what a bonus it is!

Here, you’ll get double your total bet and an instant prize of five free spins. And if you get three bonus symbols across the middle reels again, you’ll be rewarded with another bonus round.

The final verdict

If you’re a fan of wolf-themed slot games, this is one you need to check out.

Not only does it have unique bonus rounds that provide more ways to win, it also has brilliant artwork that will immerse you in the woodland setting of Wolf Rising.

So, fans of Wolf Run and Wild Wolf are naturally going to be impressed… but you must know that despite some similarities in appearance, this is not a sequel. It’s a standalone game.

Perfect for both beginners and more experienced slots players, Wolf Rising has a straightforward structure and plenty of interesting twists to keep you hooked.

Now, enough of all this hype – get into the game yourself and experience the real thing. We couldn’t be more pleased to have a game like Wolf Rising in our catalogue but ultimately, the verdict’s down to you – the gamer.

100 Pandas: A closer look behind the IGT slots that bears 100 paylines

The charming appeal of the giant panda isn’t the only rare and exotic feature this slot has to offer. Time to find out more about the game’s theme and how this IGT masterpiece really works.

Pandas. They’re the animals who never have to ask what’s for dinner, because the answer is always the same – bamboo.

You’d think it would get boring, sometimes. But what is certainly not boring is IGT’s commitment to providing the best in online slots. Their 100 Pandas game, launched just last February and following in the tradition of Wolf Run, has already become hugely popular.

Basing this charmingly playable game on the antics of one of the world’s best loved animals is a sure fire winner; a way of pandering to panda fans.

The Giant Panda is a bear native to China. They are still an endangered species, due to the deforestation of their natural habitat, but the good news is that their numbers seem to be on the rise, with an estimated 2,000 now living in their natural environment.

Shy and retiring, the Giant Panda is an elusive creature. You would be lucky to see just one in the wild. A bit of luck when you’re playing this slot, and you’ll see much more than 100.

As you would expect from IGT, the visuals and audio are crisp. You will feel you’ve been transported to the green canopied mountain foothills of old China. There’s bamboo forest sound effects, fun Asian style music, lotus flowers, yin and yang symbols which change colour depending on whether you are in the bonus round, and oriental style script to create the right ambience.

This is the first IGT online slot to feature five reels and 100 paylines. That’s 75 more ways to win than with a standard slots game.

With twenty icons and five reels, there’s also a Stacked Wilds feature. If you find the family of pandas, who look adorable by moonlight, these automatically become wild and will substitute for all other symbols (excluding the split yin yang gong), giving you a nice boost whenever they appear in a winning combination.

Match three yin and yang scatter symbols on the middle three reels and you’ll be whisked to a truly pandariffic bonus feature offering ten free spins and a x2 multiplier.

It’s here when the lovable panda family change direction, and face the other way. Wins during the round can be amplified and the bonus can be re-triggered on any spin. The Stacked Wilds are even more plentiful when you get here. You can actually reach a maximum of 255 free spins during this feature.

So, why not try 100 Pandas and experience its forest-load of features for yourself?

The New Players Guide to Online Slots

You’re in a bar and your best friend has invited all of her work colleagues out to join you (you’ve never met them before).

As the night goes on, they all start talking about work. And their jobs are boring.

Like, super-boring.

You find yourself on the suburbs of their conversation – chipping in with the occasional chuckle, nod or smile. You have absolutely no idea what they’re banging on about.

We know, online casinos can seem like this sometimes; with all the gaming jargon, unwritten etiquette and masses of different slot games.

This blog will hopefully clear some things up for you, so not only will you be able to keep up with the ‘conversation’ but you’ll also be able to start building your online casino experience to such a level, that you can confidently take on the best games at Kerching.

Here goes …

Slots Jargon to Learn

Slot Reels Explained

The reels are the vertical columns on a slot game. Most typical titles will have 3-4 reels but the newer models often come out with more radical designs.

For example, Siberian Storm has 5 reels, displayed in hexagonal format.

The sequence is 3 icons, then 4, then 5, then 4, then 3 again.

This platform requires multiple ways to win and no longer is a straight line of three cherries across the centre the only thing to look out for in a slot.

This game actually uses a MultiWay Xtra paying system (but that’s a whole other blog).

First, let’s get our head around paylines …

Paylines Explained

Right, the online slot is all about the paylines.

Not every slot has the same number of paylines – and not every slot features the same payline patterns.

Like we said, some use alternative systems like the MultiWay Xtra. Still, one step at a time.

Paylines work like this …

Wild Symbols Explained

The Wild is awesome.

It’s your helping hand – stepping in just when you need that one (or two – or three) symbol to make a winning sequence.

Not all games feature these but most of the big IGT titles do. Some even carry the symbols through to the bonus round for mega wins.

Learn to love the Wild – the heroic substitute for your missing piece.

Bonus Rounds Explained

The bonus round is really what ‘makes’ a slot game.

And it can vary from title to title. Most bonus rounds are straightforward free spins stages, with heightened chances of winning and a switch in theme.

But some are more interactive, will require you to make in-game choices and can feel much more engaging than conventional fruit machines.

Triggering the bonus is often achieved by stringing together multiple bonus symbols on the pre-bonus board. This is what you’re always on the lookout for in a slot. If you’re not playing for the bonus, then you’re not playing to win big. Get involved.

You’re ready to start …

Don’t be the friend on the ‘suburbs of online casino conversation’ – get to know this world, it’s one of the most welcoming, exciting and fulfilling places to spend your day.

Just remember to not be that ‘friend’ who alienates noobies with heavy jargon and in-jokes. The Kerching site is one big place of gathering gamers. Enjoy the games and enjoy the company, you’re already part of the family.

Be sure to visit our Online Slots page to get started!