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This thrilling video slot combines two great bonus games with the excitement of the world's most popular board game. Get three spinning dice symbols to enter the Pass 'GO' Bonus board and collect Free Parking, Chance and 'GO' to rack up great prizes. Join the ratrace today. More information on slot games.

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MONOPOLY slots are now available at Kerching Online casino members can win huge cash prizes in this slots game Become an online casino member to win with MONOPOLY slots MONOPOLY Multiplier is another Kerching slots game MONOPOLY mobile slots means you can play on the go See if you get lucky with MegaJackpots MONOPOLY MONOPOLY Pass Go transports slots players to the classic board game


Kerching casino members can experience the life as a property tycoon in the classic Monopoly Pass Go slots game. This exciting nine-payline online casino title is inspired by the popular board game and Kerching members have the chance to win cash prizes in Monopoly Pass Go. Online casino gamers can win payouts – five Wild symbols on a payline earn up to 25,000.

MONOPOLY slots payouts

Online casino players can claim payouts from the MONOPOLY slots game. Cash awards in this slot machine can range from 25,000 credits to smaller prizes of 1,200, 1,000 and 750 credits and these thrilling prizes can vary depending on the combination of reel symbols on a payline. Still, all online casino members will be hoping to obtain three Community Chest symbols on a win line; these images award lucky players with an instant Monopoly slots bonus.

Fans of the series should recognise a host of familiar features. Title deeds, piles of purple money and iconic MONOPOLY pieces all appear as online slots symbols in MONOPOLY Pass Go. The MONOPOLY banker mascot also makes a cameo in this online casino title.

MONOPOLY slots gamers can select their favourite playing piece before slots play begins. Online slots gamers can choose from a number of classic MONOPOLY markers to play with.

  • Online casino players can choose traditional pieces such as the top hat, dog or car.
  • Modern MONOPOLY slots pieces include a warship and a wheelbarrow.
  • Other MONOPOLY online slots markers include a boot, thimble and racehorse.

Bonus MONOPOLY slots games

The MONOPOLY online slots game has two bonus features. Online casino players can win generous payouts in the ‘Community Chest’ bonus. Slots bonus feature gives MONOPOLY players the chance to win an instant cash prize when they obtain three Instant Bonus symbols on the last three reels. Online casino gamers simply pick one of these animated symbols to receive generous multiplier awards.

MONOPOLY slots players are taken to the Pass Go game if they obtain three Bonus symbols on a winning payline. This classic bonus lets online casino members play for exciting cash prizes in a traditional game of MONOPOLY. Players roll a dice to progress around the board, picking up bonus payouts and awards as they move over squares. MONOPOLY slots gamers are given prizes for landing on property deeds and other tabs. Online casino players are also awarded a 2x multiplier if they complete a lap of the board and pass 'Go'.

Why base a slots game on MONOPOLY?

MONOPOLY Pass Go is based on the incredibly popular board game. This online casino title transports players to the coloured roads of London town, giving them the chance to win cash prizes in a host of locations. Indeed, those familiar with the iconic tycoon title will spot a collection of recognisable landmarks during their time in the MONOPOLY slots game.

This MONOPOLY slot machine sees Kerching Casino members visit locations such as Piccadilly, The Strand and Mayfair. A collection of bonuses can be claimed, depending on which property square players land on; higher payouts are awarded for the more exclusive London pads.

More MONOPOLY fun at Kerching

If you enjoy MONOPOLY Pass Go, we've got another online slots game that might tickle your fancy. MONOPOLY Multiplier has an 27 possible paylines for you to bet on, and fans of the original board game or Kerching's other MONOPOLY slots are sure to find the reel symbols familiar. Watch out for those Wild symbols: three of a kind will get you a payout, but it can also be substituted for any other symbol to trigger a payout.

What sets MONOPOLY Multiplier apart is the fact that there are only three reels. There is also a Multiplier bonus up for grabs, which is triggered when players get three of a kind across the central payline – the winning line of a traditional slot machine. In this bonus round, players just pick one of the eight playing pieces available, such as the old boot, the Scottie dog, and everyone's favourite, the iron.

Each piece represents a multiplier of a different amount, so you could see you money double, triple or more. Combined with the 27 ways to win, MONOPOLY Multiplier is a very lucrative game, which could see you end up as a real-life Rich Uncle Pennybags. The man himself watches you play from the sidelines, encouraging you to win big and follow in his footsteps.

Whichever MONOPOLY title you choose to play, Kerching is the place to be.

Get your MONOPOLY slots fix wherever you are

If you're truly a MONOPOLY slots fan, there's one more Kerching title that you may find interesting. Our collection of mobile slots includes a version of MONOPOLY Multiplier that has been especially adapted for mobile devices. This means the reels are scaled down and work on touch screen phones, but the prizes are definitely not small.

MONOPOLY Multiplier mobile slots works in much the same way as the online version, with 27 paylines criss-crossing three reels. There is also a bonus round starring the iconic Monopoly playing pieces. If you have lady luck on your side, this game could see you pocket an astonishing £25,000 – not bad for a mobile game.

Furthermore, mobile slots give members the chance to play against each other in tournaments. Entry costs as little as £1, and prizes range from games consoles to TVs. So, as long as you have a compatible handset and an internet connection, you can brighten up your lunch break or bus journey, and be the envy of all around you.

This advanced mobile gaming technology requires a quick download, so enter your number on our website and we'll text you some simple instructions. Before you know it, you'll be spinning the MONOPOLY Multiplier reels on the go.

Up the stakes with MegaJackpots MONOPOLY

Casinos are magical places, and everyone dreams of striking it lucky and walking away with a truly life-changing win. One way you can attempt to do this at Kerching is by playing MegaJackpots MONOPOLY.

The MegaJackpots series of games has a star prize that gets bigger every second it goes unclaimed. It has been known to climb well past £3 million, but is seeded at £1.5 million; so even if you win it straight after someone else, you'll still be in line for a gobsmacking payout. To win that awesome cumulative prize, all you need to do is align five matching MegaJackpots symbols along the central payline at maximum bet.

Popular Kerching slots Cleopatra and CLUEDO can also be played in MegaJackpots mode, but we're sure fans of MONOPOLY Pass Go would prefer to try MegaJackpots MONOPOLY. That's because apart from the MegaJackpots symbols and huge prize fund, the high-stakes game is identical to the MONOPOLY Pass Go game. You'll spot exactly the same reel symbols and Wilds, while the nine paylines and board bonus game mean there are plenty of chances to pick up a range of smaller prizes even if the jackpot eludes you. Of course, you might have lady luck on your side, and end up as rich as the MONOPOLY mascot.

MONOPOLY Pass Go explained

MONOPOLY Pass Go is one of the many MONOPOLY titles available within the Kerching catalogue. The game comes with nine paylines which can all be activated simultaneously in order to improve your winning odds. When playing MONOPOLY Pass Go, you should also make the most of the lucrative Wild symbols. This bonus image can result in massive payouts if it happens to appear on a winning combination.

There are several different cash prizes available, and the maximum of 25,000 credits can be gained from just one spin. There are also smaller payouts of between 300 and 2,500 credits up for grabs, which can help online slots players boost their Kerching jackpot.

Within MONOPOLY Pass Go, there is a bonus round which allows Kerching members to delve deep into their favourite childhood board game. The Pass Go bonus can be entered when three dice images appear on an activated line. Kerching members then have the opportunity to bag a 2x multiplier if they are able to complete an entire circuit of the board. There is also a 3x bonus given to those who manage to 'Pass Go' for a third time. Finally, the bonus game includes a 'get out of jail' feature, giving Kerching members the opportunity to receive a 5x multiplier.


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