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Become a millionaire with MegaJackpots

MegaJackpots could make any online casino player a millionaire. Giving slots gamers the chance to win a minimum of £2.4 million, MegaJackpots is a progressive prize fund with the highest reset value on the internet. Designed by WagerWorks and IGT, MegaJackpots is the most played online jackpot series. With three fantastic titles for players in the hunt for life-changing riches, there are many reasons why these games are the most popular at Kerching Casino.


With Cleopatra MegaJackpots journey to ancient Egypt & play for the jewels of the Nile in this popular online slots game

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Solve the murder mystery and walk away with a heart-stopping amount with CLUEDO MegaJackpots

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Cleopatra MegaJackpots

Cleopatra MegaJackpots is based on one of the most popular land-based and online casino fruit machines in the UK. Cleopatra MegaJackpots features 20 paylines and five reels and is inspired by the ancient queen of Egypt. Complete with themed music and symbols - featuring Sphinxes, hieroglyphics and ancient Egyptian gods - players will be hoping to be granted the riches of a Pharaoh when they play Cleopatra MegaJackpots.

An exciting free spins bonus round offers players the chance to substantially increase their winnings. Players are initially given 15 free spins. All awards during this free spins bonus game are paid 3x. What's more, if players receive three Sphinx symbols during the bonus game, they are awarded an additional 15 free spins. A maximum of 180 free spins can be awarded during this Cleopatra MegaJackpots bonus game. The MegaJackpots grand prize can be won during this free spins bonus.

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CLUEDO MegaJackpots

Hunt down the elusive MegaJackpots prize with CLUEDO MegaJackpots. CLUEDO MegaJackpots is inspired by the classic board game of mystery and murder. Players are invited to spin reels featuring CLUEDO's most notorious characters in this 20-payline, five-reel slot.

CLUEDO MegaJackpots also gives players the opportunity to win 180 free spins. If players receive three or more Mystery Bonus symbols they will be given the chance to play 15 free spins. All awards in this bonus game at 3x. The MegaJackpots grand prize can be awarded during this bonus feature.

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MegaJackpots has the largest reset jackpot online

Kerching Casino players can win the MegaJackpots grand prize on any of these online casino titles. To win the MegaJackpots prize, you must receive five MegaJackpots symbols on the centre payline during a maximum bet. If you obtain this on any of the three MegaJackpots titles, then you have won the progressive jackpot. You will become the latest MegaJackpots millionaire.

As MegaJackpots is a progressive jackpot, the prize amount increases every day. The previous winner of MegaJackpots won just over £2 million while playing CLUEDO MegaJackpots.

You can also win cash amounts on each of the MegaJackpots games. Each title in the MegaJackpots series has its own paylines and awards and while prizes are not as large as the MegaJackpots, smaller awards are frequently won on MegaJackpots. As each MegaJackpots game also features generous free spins bonus games and award multipliers, you can see your prizes double or treble depending on the MegaJackpots title you're playing.

Kerching Casino and MegaJackpots offers online casino players the chance to become millionaires. The MegaJackpots games are inspired by three of the most famous online slots machines and thousands of gamers play the series for the chance to become the latest winner. MegaJackpots is one of the internet's most popular series of casino fruit machines. Hundreds of gamers will be hoping that they can have the luck of being the next player to win the total and reset the MegaJackpots prize fund. Could you be the next MegaJackpots winner? Play now to find out.

MegaJackpots update classic games

The MegaJackpots games are enhanced versions of the most popular slots that reside within the Kerching catalogue. The MegaJackpots titles allow members to play on their favourite games, while also being in the running for millions of pounds. Using popular themes means that Kerching players will have had previous experience on these slots and will be able to play them to their best possible ability. Therefore members can truly concentrate on achieving those big money wins.

MegaJackpots Cleopatra is based on one of the most popular slots titles available at Kerching. There is an original Cleopatra game to play on, as well as Cleopatra 2 and Cleopatra Mobile for big fans of the theme.

Another big-money title hosted by Kerching is MegaJackpots CLUEDO. The game takes on another classic board game, and contains all of its famous characters such as Miss Scarlet, Professor Plum and Reverend Green.