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Golden Goddess Slots

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With stacked Wilds and one of the most unique bonus features of online slots gaming, Golden Goddess definitely has the Midas touch. Will your clicks turn to gold in this mythological masterpiece?

Golden Goddess

From the moment you enter this slice of Greek mythology, you're presented with a mountainous backdrop and placed amidst a beautiful run of rosebushes, looking up at an Acropolis-like monument that's illuminated by a golden sunrise.

If the setting alone doesn't whisk you away from modern life and into the depths of Ancient Greece, then the artwork on the reels certainly will.

The golden-haired Goddess who owns this online slot gazes into your eyes – willing you to rise up from the rosebushes and create your own historic chapter.

The game doesn't directly claim this Goddess to be Athena but we're pretty sure it's her. Athena, is the goddess of 'heroic endeavour' and is celebrated for her support to many ancient heroes (i.e. Odysseus, Jason and Heracles).

This leads us on to the heroic male in the game, who is believed to be one of the many strong mythological kings/princes. Again, it's up for discussion, but we're taking a punt for Odysseus, given Athena's friendship with him in the history books.

The two main characters are accompanied by Pegasus, a dove (symbol of Aphrodite) and a rose (another symbol of Aphrodite)… perhaps the Goddess is Aphrodite after all – what do you think?

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With an easy-to-play format draped over a brand new maths model and a pack of exciting features, Golden Goddess is in an era of its own.

With a dramatic soundtrack and heart-pounding mechanics, this is modern gaming at its best. But don't just take our word for it the games independent Facebook page already has thousands upon thousands of Likes!

You've got an awe-inspiring bonus round where you pick a rose symbol to reveal your super stacked Wild symbol. On top of that, you've got another glorious ancient theme too!

Play Golden Goddess today and don’t feel bad if you never want to play another game again – the Goddess has that effect on a lot of people.