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Cleopatra 2 Slots

Cleopatra II™

When the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt passed, she left behind a great legacy of charm and beauty. That same legacy runs strong in many entertainment platforms today, including Cleopatra 2 – a modern day IGT slot worthy of legend status in itself.

The Egyptian queen looks on as you play Cleopatra 2 Win Scatter Pays with the Sphinx symbol Align matching symbols for a payline prize The ancient land of Egypt inspired this online slots game Ancient Egyptian gods appear on the Cleopatra 2 reels Open one of the boxes to reveal how many free spins you get

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This sequel reinforces the best features from the original, introduces surprising new elements to the gameplay and brings Cleo from an age-old timeline to 2013, in the most spectacular style.

All in all, Cleopatra 2 has a good case for the greatest online slot of its time. But we'll leave that for you to decide. And if you need a bit of help, we've done a bit of excavating into the world of Cleopatra for you…

Cleopatra 2 Theme

There is no fluffiness attached to this game. IGT know exactly what the original Cleo fans want – and that's a flexible slot that lends itself to a variety of experience levels.

The background is a simple wash of emerald to cyan – no distractive imagery – just a subtle placement of hieroglyphics in the foreground.

The emphasis is all on the slot icons themselves, the real characters of Ancient Egypt:

Sphinx – illuminated by a crescent moon, the Sphinx sits tall and proud on the board.

Anubis – the Egyptian god of death is represented by a man with the head of a golden jackal and looks menacing on the reels.

Horus – another metamorphic creature to look out for - Horus takes the head of a falcon.

Bast – the Egyptian cat goddess looks stunning in green and gold, squinting at you with piercing eyes.

Then there is Cleo herself…

Legend has it that she was a great beauty and during her reign, used her allure to influence the most powerful men in the world. That beauty is represented here just through her mesmerising, turquoise eyes – gazing into yours from the columns.

Like a silk veil, the game's title 'Cleo II' covers the lower half of her face and puts the focus on her seductive stare. This symbol doubles any line win in Cleopatra 2 and so you want to make that eye contact as much as possible.

Cleopatra 2 Features

Classic Reel Format

With a total of five, three-tier columns, the 'pillars' of Cleopatra 2 hold that classic appearance we all loved in the original instalment. The 20 paylines are highlighted in a variety of striking colours that stand out against the golden and bronze colour scheme of each reel.

Instant Doubles

The Cleo II symbol instantly multiplies a win by two, and is a nice precursor to the now-infamous Cleopatra 2 bonus round.

Free Spins bonus

If you put together three Great Sphinx symbols on any winning line, you unlock the free spins selection, where you will be faced with a choice…

Select between the blue scarab, the Eye of Horus or the Ankh cross of Egypt to reveal your free spin count. If you're lucky, you will receive the maximum (20 spins) and watch the free spins flow like the River Nile - hopefully carrying a basket of joy downstream.

Every free spin is loaded with a multiplier, each one higher than the previous spin. So, you can get up to 20 times your win by the 20th free spin. On top of that, the bonus round can be retriggered and you can unlock as many as 50 free spins – that's a potential x50 multiplier!

Play Cleopatra 2 at Kerching

For both newcomers and expert gamers, Cleo has it all.

The classic column system makes it easy for any new member to grasp and the amplified bonus round does more than satisfy the desire of a long-term player.

Fans of the Cleo franchise are reminded of the first game through the use of the free spins entry phase: Whereas the eye of Horus and scarab featured as icons in the original, they feature as free spin chests in Cleopatra 2 – it's a clever way of paying homage to the platform’s brilliant predecessor.

Test out all of these features and see for yourself just how simplistically perfect this IGT legend can be. And be sure to let us know if you agree that it's one of the all-time greats.

Cleopatra II™