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Taking Roulette Seriously Enough to Have Fun

- Tuesday, March 5 2013

Roulette originated in France during the 1700s and has evolved over centuries to become the most popular table game in the world. Scholars of the wheel have always documented their strategies, beliefs and feelings on the game but what are the top three books on roulette today?

1. Spin Roulette Gold, Frank Scoblete (1997)

Published near the birth of online roulette, this book is primarily based on the tangible wheel. Within its contents, players can learn all about the principles of the game from one of the most seasoned gamblers on the planet.

Frank Scoblete studied history, literature and philosophy during his academic years in the late '60s; it's the latter that shines through the pages of Spin Roulette Gold. Beyond his clear explanation of the roulette board, Scoblete goes into detail on numerical values and although it can get a bit wordy for the beginner, middleweight players can get a lot from Scoblete's wisdom.

2. Roulette: Playing to Win, Brett Morton (2004)

If you love playing roulette but are too frightened to risk your cash - get a paperback copy of this book for less than £10 online. Through philosophy alone, Morton teaches you the importance of discipline and managing your money at the roulette table.

The book was published in 2004, well into the era of online roulette and so the language Morton uses appeals to new generation of roulette players. He explains how a practice wheel can be helpful to an extent but the real grindstone for roulette discipline is playing for money, regularly.

The beauty of roulette game is you can play for relatively low stakes compared to a casino. With this book at your elbow, you can enjoy the thrill of the game whilst honing your composure. In the meantime, you could earn whilst you learn from this book.

3. Roulette Odds and Profits: The Mathematics of Complex Bets, Catalin Barboianu (2008)

For those who've been playing roulette for a while and have a natural interest in the science behind it, this book is a real bonus. Barboianu is an absolute sensei when it comes to mathematics and in this particular piece of work, he goes into an extreme level of calculated detail.

Creating and describing different roulette scenarios, Barboianu thoroughly explains the solutions for each. There isn't much he doesn't cover in this 2008 publication and it definitely takes more than one read to fully digest.

One thing to learn from this trio of gaming philosophers is that the enjoyment factor of roulette is amplified the more you get to know about it. So, if you already love to play roulette online, why not better your experience (and your chances of winning) with any one of these readable guides?

Note: This list is in no way definitive and there is plenty more content to read up on if you're serious about the game.

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