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Online Slots – a brief history

- Monday, February 25 2013

Slot machines have been loved in the UK for decades, with various adaptations appearing in casinos and piers all over the country. Since they ventured into the digital arena, their development in technology, cash pay-outs and thus popularity, has dramatically catalysed. Below we feature three of the most popular slot titles that have made the journey from land based to online casinos!

Da Vinci Diamonds

This IGT classic was one of the first slots to utilise tumbling reels. When a player wins, the winning symbols wipe out from the relevant reels and those above drop down to take their place - potentially activating another payline without the need to re-spin. There's no limit to how many 'tumbles' can occur and so just one spin can generate a massive win streak.

The way in which it works isn't too dissimilar from landing that perfect block in Tetris, causing subsequent blocks to shift around and land seamlessly into place. It's exactly this type of satisfaction that can contribute to an overall feeling of happiness...on top of the Da Vinci Diamonds jackpots.

Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches was one of the first online slots - bringing a solid following from the 'real' version of the game, by maintaining its loveable gameplay and jack-pots of gold.

Unlocking the leprechaun bonus symbol in Rainbow Riches grants players access to the Luck spin-off game. Here, players find three different types of pot (bronze, silver and gold) revolving on their own axes while the leprechaun dances onscreen. An arrow eventually points to one of the pots once they stop rotating and players grab this as their prize.

If you bet big on this bonus game, you can win up to 25,000 credits - a feature that has undoubtedly contributed to the game's internet-wide popularity.

Cleopatra Slots

Egyptian themed slots are commonly promoted by casinos and websites alike. Still, despite the multiple variations adopted over the years, Cleopatra is the strongest Pharaoh in this gaming sphere - not least owing to its wild multiplier.

The Cleopatra wild symbol acts as a 'blank' to complete winning combos... and it ups their value by 100%. There is plenty more to enjoy about Cleopatra slots (the Sphinx multiplier and free spin bonuses are awesome) and when we're talking about winning money to boost general happiness, this is absolutely one of the best online slots to get familiar with.

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Da Vinci Diamonds slot game