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Creating your Own Poker Style

- Friday, March 1 2013

You can feel momentum in a game of poker. Sometimes it's just a window of impetus; a few fat pots in a row, a solid fold, a smooth bluff... when you feel it (and you do feel it), this is when you can take the action steps to win big.

That's if you can trust your own instinct - for the more balanced type of player, there are more concrete tips you can follow to improve your game. You can find 99% of these online but they're not universal.

It takes a certain type of person to master a 'tight/aggressive' strategy, if you're not that person then you could be sabotaging your chances of winning, purely by adopting the wrong tactic. It's like teeing off with a 3-wood (because somebody told you that you should) when you naturally swing better with a 2-iron.

Ultimately, it takes discipline, education and your own personality to formulate a unique play style. That's the key - it needs to be your play style and yours alone.

Reading your way into the game

Just by reading this post you're self-educating and there is enough literature on the game to support an entire Bachelor's degree. We can only dream of such an academic course for now but there is no reason why you can't become a part-time scholar of the game you love in the meantime.

Dan Harrington is the absolute professor when it comes to Texas Hold 'Em and his three books on the game are all you need to get started. Still, he is quite partial to playing tight, making moves at precisely the right times and never really trusting your gut.

So, if you're that instinctual personality mentioned earlier - these books are probably not for you and perhaps Gus Hansen's 'Every Hand Revealed' would be better suited.

Disclaimer time: There is a lot more to Hansen's game than raw instinct.

The more you read, the more you will pick up on strategies that align with your natural ability and personality. The best advice here? Never stop reading. The game has come a long way in last 10 years, mainly due to the rise of online poker - stay educated and stay ahead of the curve if you want to win.

Playing your way to victory

If you are serious about moulding your own poker style, bet small online before entering any major live pots.

Online casinos are the ideal gyms for training your 'poker muscle'. Warm up on video poker games and grab some extra cash while you play - they're by far the best tools for perfecting a new style.

Top 3 reasons to play video poker:

  • Quick hand frequency
  • Low risk
  • No intimidating human opponents

Video poker might just turn out to be your preferred version of the game - especially if you start dropping some of their big jackpots.

So, although there are plenty of 'cheat sheets' out there, the advice here is to take your poker development at your own pace. Study the game and use your acquired knowledge in a variety of gaming arenas - starting with video poker.

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