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A Baby Panda or 100 Pandas?

- Thursday, February 21 2013

Today we present 100 Pandas, our brand new online slot game in the very same week that all eyes have been on Tian Tian (Sweetie) and Yang Guang (Sunshine), two giant pandas at Edinburgh Zoo. There are high hopes that they may soon mate. The two pandas began to show signs that they may be at the start of the road to romance and may breed within the next month. Tian Tian and Yang Guang were introduced to each other in April 2012 but failed to mate - with only a 36 hour mating window per year, the next few weeks will be vital if the big event is to happen this year.

Whilst the two giant pandas at Edinburgh Zoo are currently in focus, it was also the first outdoor sighting of Xiao Liwu, a 5 month old giant panda, at San Diego zoo that caused a news sensation in January of this year.

The biggest panda related sensation to date has to be The Sneezing Baby Panda clip on You Tube with the original video receiving over 155 million hits and still counting! It is still popular today, even though it first went viral back in 2006.

With 100 paylines and a Stacked Wilds feature that gets more generous during the bonus feature, coupled with cute graphics, perhaps 100 Pandas will be the next big internet hit!

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100 Pandas